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Exercises You Can Implement Into Your Workday

Having a full-time job can make it difficult to make time for the gym every day or to keep up a regular exercise routine. If your day is filled with prolonged sitting, this could become an issue for the healthy lifestyle you are trying to implement. There are some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your workday if you can’t…

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A Guide to Rebranding Your Business Website

In order to move with the times, sometimes companies and entrepreneurs need to make the difficult decision to rebrand themselves or their companies. It’s important to keep in mind this is not a venture to enter into lightly and there are three main stages to focus on during this elaborate process. They are known as The Before, The During, and…

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The Importance of Exercise When Working a Desk Job

Worldwide, having a 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. desk job is an inevitable part of the average adult’s life. A 20-year study from Cambridge University found that the sedentary lifestyle of an office worker often correlates with poor health, sometimes leading to early death. Living a sedentary lifestyle puts a person at higher risk for conditions like cancer, type II…

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