Finding Your Confidence as a Group Fitness Instructor

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Finding Your Confidence as a Group Fitness Instructor

As a fitness instructor — new or experienced — there may be days where you feel your confidence faltering. When your day involves directing a group fitness class, that confidence is a necessary part of the job. Here are a few tips to help boost your confidence as a group fitness instructor.

Develop Your Visual Brand

Some people report that being more confident in how they look can make them act more confidently. When you walk into your class, even newcomers should be able to tell that you’re the instructor. Part of this may be the way you conduct yourself or take control of the room. Another part may be how you physically present yourself through your clothing, hair, etc.

Cultivate Your Leadership Style

You may find that the way you act while instructing a large group is vastly different than when you’re in a one-on-one situation. That is completely normal. It’s sometimes helpful to have an alternate persona when instructing a group, almost a more outgoing and confident version of yourself.

Accept that Your Style Isn’t for Everyone

As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to please those around us. As an instructor, you need to find a balance. If your style works for the majority of your class, don’t alter it because a few people don’t click with you.

Preparation is Everything

When you go into a class fully prepared, it can significantly boost your confidence. I would especially recommend visualizing the class ahead of time as a dress rehearsal. Then the real thing isn’t as novice. It’s also important that you prepare for bumps in the road. You might forget a step, lose your balance, stumble over your words, etc. Remember that no one is there to judge you. You’re human! Own any mistakes and move on.

Find Your Squad

It won’t be uncommon to see new faces in the crowd during your classes. If anything, that means you’re doing something right! However, those new faces can bring upon new anxiety as you’re trying to make a first impression all over again. What can help is identifying the regulars in your class and forming a bond with them. When you have people in your corner, it makes it easier to be yourself.

Fake It Until You Make It

This tip isn’t completely accurate because you’re not “faking” anything. You have the knowledge and training to instruct the class. You’re ready for it. You just need to remind your brain that you’re ready. Even when you don’t feel confident, try your best to keep that inside. Let your true potential shine through 100% of the time.

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