5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Class Motivated in February

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5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Class Motivated in February

The beginning of a new year is a great time for the fitness industry. People are making resolutions, many of which include their health and fitness. According to recent reports, 38% of people wanted to exercise more, 33% of people want to lose weight and 15% of people want to take a more active approach to health.

Unfortunately nearly half of all people who make resolutions aren’t confident that they’ll stick to them. As fitness professionals, it’s our job to help people succeed and reach their goals. Here are 5 ways to implement motivation as the excitement of the new year wears off.


  • Encourage Realistic Goals


People’s fitness goals often start with salads and regular workouts, then end as abruptly as they started. Those who take your class see you as an expert in the industry, meaning your advice matters. Encourage your class to set realistic goals and make fitness a part of their lifestyle, not just a fad. If someone expects to change their ways overnight, it may be helpful to take them aside and reset expectations.


  • Provide Resources


If you have tips and tricks that could help your class with their fitness goals, share them! Knowing where to start can sometimes be the most intimidating part of committing to a goal.


  • Cultivate a Supportive and Encouraging Environment


Make the class a safe space where people can share without judgment. Every fitness journey takes steps backward, but a little encouragement can go a long way in helping someone get back on track.


  • Celebrate the Victories


A great way to keep spirits up is to start each class by acknowledging any victories, big or small, since you last met. It gives people the opportunity to be proud of their accomplishments and share them with others.


  • Share Your Own Personal Goals with Your Fitness Classes


What is your goal for the new year? It might be something fitness-related, like committing run a half marathon or starting to do yoga. It may even be something unique, like learning a new language or volunteering more. Either way, your class will be motivated by your commitment to your own goals, helping them with their own.

February is a month where resolutions often get left behind, but that can change. With a little help and support, anyone who attends your classes can feel empowered to see their fitness resolution through to 2020 and beyond.

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