Part-Time vs. Full-Time: Your Fitness Career

Part-Time vs. Full-Time_ Your Fitness Career by Rachel Withers BalletBeFit fitpreneur

Part-Time vs. Full-Time: Your Fitness Career

A passion for fitness often begins at a young age and continues into adulthood. For some, they turn this passion into a career. For others, they pursue careers in a different field that is completely unrelated to the fitness industry.

Whether you chose to take your career in a different direction or just teach classes on the side, there are opportunities for you to turn your love of fitness into a lucrative job.

Part-Time Fitness Careers

Let’s say that you’re currently working 40-hours per week at a desk job, but you attend a fitness class after work. Have you ever considered teaching a class instead?

Being a fitness instructor doesn’t have to be a full-time job. If you find a studio in need of an instructor for one or two classes, it could be the perfect opportunity for you to stay in shape while making extra money on the side.

Full-Time Fitness Careers

Time for another scenario. Let’s say you’ve always loved fitness, but never considered it to be a viable career option. If you’re miserable in your current position, completely changing your career could give you a more fulfilling life. Depending on your current industry and experience, the skills you’ve learned may actually aid in a fitness career. This could be anything involving marketing, communication, sales, psychology, healthcare, etc.

BalletBeFit School

Of course, you can’t jump into a fitness career unless you’re prepared and knowledgeable in the classes you’ll be teaching.

At BalletBeFit, we offer a variety of courses geared toward turning your love of ballet and fitness into a career. Through the BalletBeFit Academy, aspiring fitness professionals can enroll and choose which course or courses they wish to take. Students will also have access to a BalletBeFit mentor.

In addition to learning techniques and class structures, you can learn about health and safety, building a business, marketing and retaining clients. After you’re comfortable with the information, you’ll complete a small exam and provide a video presentation of your class routine. Once we deem you ready to start classes, you’ll be presented with a BalletBeFit accreditation certificate and email account. You’ll then be prepared to start your classes and business!

But don’t fret. You’ll continue working with your mentor and the BalletBeFit Academy to ensure you have the necessary support along the way, including the opportunity to further your knowledge.

I’ve personally designed the all-inclusive courses in a way that helps people turn their love of fitness into a scalable, successful business.

With the right tools, anyone can use whatever time they have to make money doing what they love.

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