Encouraging New Members to Join Your Fitness Studio

Encouraging New Members to Join Your Fitness Studio by Rachel Withers BalletBeFit fitpreneur

Encouraging New Members to Join Your Fitness Studio

As an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, an important part of your business is to consistently increase membership while retaining your existing members.

Your business model will determine the best way for you to increase membership, but here are a few ideas that could potentially help you attract a larger gathering.

Bring-a-Friend Policy

One option is to give existing members the opportunity to bring a friend to class with them, free of charge. A person who is interested in your fitness studio may not want to commit to a membership or class without first taking it for a test drive.

To make it a unifying experience, you could even have a Bring-a-Friend Week. Whether each member can bring one or numerous friends is at your discretion. When someone knows they won’t be the only new face in the crowd, it could relieve any anxiety related to being the “new kid.”

Keep Existing Members Happy

While bringing in a new crowd, you can’t forget about the loyal members who have been there from the start. Encourage them to have open discussions with you about their overall satisfaction level.

A common complaint is that some members feel crowded when the class size grows quickly. To minimize this issue, you may need to invest in a larger space or add more classes to your schedule.

If your budget allows, give free T-shirts or water bottles to members who meet a certain goal. One example would be attending 100 total classes. This option serves a dual purpose, as the member may increase brand awareness by wearing the promotional gear in public areas.

Let’s Get Digital

Social media and other online platforms are your friend. Video content is especially popular currently. You could record parts of a class, introductory videos for each instructor, etc. The possibilities are as limitless. The web gives your potential customers the chance to know and love you.

Encourage your members to actively promote your business on social media, as well. They could “check-in” on Facebook, post progress photos to highlight their fitness milestones, or even write a testimonial. Many members would be more than happy to participate in helping their favorite business thrive. The important part is that they still feel like valued members, and not just marketing tools.


Last, but certainly not least, is the option of philanthropy. Donate your time to help with a fundraising effort in your community. It could be a 2-hour fitness class that raises money for a worthy cause, or all your fitness instructors participating in a 5K together.

Along with gaining positive exposure in the community, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping the greater good. If your event is large enough, it might even generate some press coverage that leads to increased interest.

When trying to increase membership for your studio, think outside the box to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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